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HOOKWORM Avionics Pod for Model Rockets

Would you like to quickly switch your altimeter from one model rocket to another without having to build separate avionic bays? The Heavenly Hobbies' HOOKWORM (tm) is a safe and convenient way to do just that. The Hookworm is a parasitic avionics pod. That is, it is an avionics bay that rides parallel to the rocket's bodytube, on the outside. This allows for unsurpassed protection from ejection gases and lightning-quick changes from one model rocket to another!

The Hookworm(tm) quick-change system uses industrial-strength "hook and loop" closures to attach the avionics pod to your rocket's airframe. It is that simple! It works with all rockets and with most avionics designed to fit in a BT-20 body tube (see partial listing below).

The Hookworm(tm) set comes complete with body tube, nosecones, foam padding material and instructions. Avionics sold separately.


Length: 7.2 in.

Weight: 0.2 oz.

Diameter: 0.736 in.

Compatible Avionics (partial listing):

Adept A1 altimeter

Adept A1-TA altimeter

Adept ALT05 altimeter

PerfectFlite Alt15k/WD altimeter

PerfectFlite Alt15k/WD Rev2 altimeter

PerfectFlite Pnut altimeter

PerfectFlite APRA altimeter

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