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Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle Model Rocket Kit

The Shigei want you!

A new group of young and bold officers of the Empire is being formed to compose the Washigei Reconnaissance Corps. Hand-picked for their bravery and cunning ability to discover what remains unnoticed to others, this elite group of Shigei pilots and technical personnel will be the eyes and ears of the Empire!

In its infinite wisdom, the Directorate has commissioned the immediate fabrication of the Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle. The Washigei vehicle is the main tool for the acquisition of information on the position and defenses of the enemies of the Empire. It may be fitted with a rear-facing, high-resolution camera, capable of recording up to 2 hours of full color video and audio*. You just turn the camera on, drop it in the payload bay and you're good to go. See the video clip below!

The construction details of the Washigei vehicle remain classified. They may only be revealed to members of the Washigei Reconnaissance Corps. However, this advanced vehicle has a front engine / rear payload arrangement, laser-cut parts, plywood fins and centering rings and a baffle-protected Nylon parachute. The Washigei is propelled by the pilot's choice in a wide spectrum of powerful 29mm engines, so it can fly low like a Sparrow or high like an Eagle!

The Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle requires a 1/4" diameter x 72" long launch rod (sold separately).

Skill Level: 3

*The Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle is designed for Oregon Scientific’s ATC2K and ATC3K cameras (sold separately).

See the video!
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· Camera-carrier rocket with payload capacity of 8.0 oz.

· Camera faces aft for unobstructed view of the terrain – No mirrors!

· Front-located, 29mm engine for stability and power

· Exclusive Triiceps™ Positive Engine Retention

· Proprietary AMAZE™ Ejection Gas Baffle for parachute protection

· 28” diameter Nylon parachute with 1.7 oz. rip-stop fabric and snap-swivel

· Laser-cut plywood centering rings and fins

· Heavy-wall, laser cut and slotted airframes with TTW fin mount

· Full color decals

· Complete instructions with color photographs

· Designed and made in the USA

· First 50 kits are numbered and signed


- Length: 54.00 in.

- Diameter: 2.25 in.

- Weight: 12.9 oz. (without payload or engine)

- Payload Capacity: 8 oz.


In cooperation with the Aerotech, the manufacturer of the recommended engines for the Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle, the Directorate has obtained the following information on the operating temperatures of different propellant formulations:

Due to the high operating temperatures of some propellants in common use, the Directorate requires of Washigei pilots to refrain from using White Lightning, Mojave Green or any other propellant with exhaust nozzle temperature in excess of 1350 degrees Kelvin.

Recommended Engines:

Aerotech E30-4T, F27-4R, F27-8R, F42-4T, F42-8T, F50-6T, F50-9T

This has been a message of the Imperial Shigei Directorate

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