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There are two roads leading to TARC. One is a long and treacherous one, full of potholes and other hazards. However, it is simple and enticing. Take a bunch of kids, have them build some rockets and see if they can win a contest with a design of their own. That is the way chosen by many teams. They choose to approach TARC is a casual way, learning from their own mistakes along the way. Most of these teams end up as rocketry roadkill!

At Heavenly Hobbies, we think there is a better way to TARC, the road of analysis and education. Consequently, attached below you will find a collection of articles and tools designed to help you along the road to the Finals.

Good Luck!!

-2017 TARC Rules Analysis

-Heavenly Hobbies' descent rate calculator for hemispherical parachutes

-Heavenly Hobbies' Rocket Engine Operational Cost Calculator v1.1

---Read-Me file for HH's Rocket Engine Operational Cost Calculator

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