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WindNSun ButterFlys Indian Red Kite 70503

The WindNSun's ButterFlys Indian Red kite is a super-sized version of Nature's most colorful masterpiece. Fly it at the park or hang it up in your room for decoration. Featuring top-quality components like printed rip-stop Nylon sail and fiberglass spars, you'll feel proud to fly this kite!

The ButterFlys Indian Red comes ready to fly, including 125 ft. of 15 lb. polyester cord on a winder handle. This inexpensive and colorful kite design features quality construction of rip-stop Nylon fabric and 2.0mm - 2.5mm fiberglass spars, for superior durability. Very easy to fly. Recommended for ages 8+. Use in windspeeds of 7-15 MPH.

Skill level: 0


Length: 20 in.

Wingspan: 32 in.

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