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WindNSun ButterFlys Karner Blue Kite 70501

The WindNSun's ButterFlys Karner Blue kite pays homage to one of Nature's most beautiful creations. Fly it at the park or hang it up in your room for decoration. Featuring top-quality components like printed rip-stop Nylon sail and fiberglass spars, you'll feel proud to fly this kite!

The ButterFlys Karner Blue comes ready to fly, including 125 ft. of 15 lb. polyester cord on a winder handle. This inexpensive and colorful kite design features quality construction of rip-stop Nylon fabric and 2.0mm - 2.5mm fiberglass spars, for superior durability. Very easy to fly. Recommended for ages 8+. Use in windspeeds of 7-15 MPH.

Skill level: 0


Length: 20 in.

Wingspan: 32 in.

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