Click to enlargeX-ACTO Gripster Soft-Grip Knife X3623

The X-ACTO Gripster Soft Grip knife is the precision knife for those who are looking for the utmost in comfort. Hobbyists and graphics artists who spend hours at a time with their work need two things they can count on: comfort and precision. This cutting and trimming tool maximizes both of these features and it won't roll on your work table!

The X-ACTO Gripster Soft Grip knife includes a #11 carbon steel blade for a reliable cut every time. Additionally, the Gripster soft grip removes tension from the hand, allowing you to continue making the precision cuts needed to finish the job with comfort and confidence.

The original X-ACTO knife has been praised as the industry standard for precision knives. Attaining that level of precision, accuracy and reliability starts with supreme quality craftsmanship. X-ACTO in the brand professionals have come to depend on for more than 50 years.

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