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The Starlight Flash 24 is a split-personality payloader model rocket. It can be built to fly on 18mm engines, for those guys that bring their granny to fly rockets with them. Alternately, the Flash 24 can also be built into a minimum-diameter, high-performance screamer, sporting 24mm engines in the business end. Definitely not for granny!

In its "low power" configuration, the Starlight Flash 24 can fly to over 1000' high on 18mm (standard size) model rocket engines. It is also easy-to-build. As the airframe is wider than the engine, the model uses a motor mount to center the engine in place. Having a motor mount allows for the additional convenience of an engine hook, so there is no need to friction-fit the engine into the rocket at flight time. Once the motor mount assembly is finished, it is glued to the airframe. Same goes for the shock cord and the launch lug. To finish the build, you put together the parachute and tie the payload section and parachute to the shock cord.

The 24mm version of the Starlight Flash 24 is actually simpler to build than the 18mm version, as no motor mount is needed. However, when flying the rocket, a little care needs to be exercised to ensure that the engine will stay in place at the time of ejection. With an E-class engine this baby can reach over 2700' high!

To speed up the build, I recommend Bob Smith's Instacure+ CA glue for all bonding, except for the elastic shock cord. Only use white school glue (or yellow carpenter's glue) to bond the elastic shock cord. Protective gloves are a must when using CA.

Skill Level: 2

TIP #1: When building the 24mm version of the kit, since it will be a minimum-diameter rocket, there will be no engine hook to keep the model rocket engine in place during ejection. As friction fitting the engine is quite prone to failure, I suggest that you glue the fins 1/4" from the aft end of the airframe. At flight time, this newfound space will allow you to secure the engine in place with a wrap of masking tape.

TIP #2: To increase the likelihood of recovering your rocket in high-altitude flights, skip the use of the (included) parachute in favor of a 3" Mylar streamer.


Length: 22.1 in.

Diameter: 0.98 in.

Weight: 1.3 oz.

Recovery: Parachute

Build Time: Approx. 60 - 70 minutes

Recommended Engines (Estimated Altitude):

-18mm Configuration:

--Estes A8-3 (215')

--Estes B6-4 (505')

--Quest B6-4 (560')

--Estes C6-5 (1030')

--Estes C6-7 (1030')

-24mm Configuration

--Estes C11-5 (940')

--Estes D12-7 (1510')

--Estes E9-6 (2240')

--Aerotech E15-7 (2730')

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Cellulose Recovery Wadding.

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