Click to enlargeBob Smith Maxi-Cure Extra-Thick CA Glue (1 oz.) 112

Cyanoacrylates (CA's) have become the adhesives of choice for most hobby and household applications. The bonding occurs by using the very thin layer of moisture present on most surfaces as a catalyst. Bob Smith's MAXI-CURE™ is a highly refined CA with superior freshness and shelf life. MAXI-CURE™ often forms bonds that are stronger than the materials that are being glued together.

MAXI-CURE™ extra-thick CA is great for most plastics, including GE’s Lexan. MAXI-CURE™ is the best choice for plastic model assembly. When used with Bob Smith's INSTA-SET™ accelerator, it works better than any putty for modifying or filling voids. It can be carved with a knife or razor blade and sanded and feathered to form a finish indistinguishable from plastic.

MAXI-CURE™ bonds fiberglass, hardwood, metal and rubber. It is great bonding the tires in R/C cars. When bonding to fiberglass, roughen the area to be bonded with coarse sandpaper before using MAXI-CURE™ or any other adhesive.

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