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Perfectflite StratoLoggerCF Deployment Altimeter

About the size of two postage stamps, the Perfectflite StratoLoggerCF is a smaller, “Compact Footprint” version of the popular StratoLogger altimeter.

This versatile, easy to use altimeter audibly reports your rocket's peak altitude and maximum velocity after flight via a sequence of beeps. Two outputs are provided for deploying a small chute at apogee to minimize drift and a larger chute closer to the ground to slow your rocket for a gentle touchdown. Main chute deployment altitude is adjustable from 100 feet to 9,999 feet in 1 foot increments with the computer interface or 100 foot increments without. Nine user-defined presets make changing the settings in the field quick and easy.

The StratoLogger collects flight data (altitude, temperature, and battery voltage) at a rate of 20 samples per second throughout the flight and stores them for later download to a computer. It retains data from the most recent 16 flights (up to 18 minutes per flight) even with power removed. The optional DT4U* data transfer kit includes software for graphing and printing a wide range of characteristics including altitude, velocity, and more.

As its name implies, the StratoLogger is capable of recording flights of up to 100,000 foot altitude (well into the stratosphere) with industry-leading precision and accuracy

*The StratologgerCF is also compatible with the DT3U data transfer cables.


•Works to 100,000 feet MSL, audibly reports peak altitude and maximum velocity after flight.

•Stores 16 flights of 18 minutes each (altitude, temp­erature, and battery voltage at 20 samples per second) for download to a computer with the optional DT4U USB interface. Data are preserved with power off.

•Deploys drogue and main chutes with audible ematch continuity check.

•Outputs capable of 5A current for 1 full second to allow use with nearly any ematch or ematch substitute. Reverse polarity protection prevents spontaneous firing if battery is connected backwards.

•Main chute deployment altitude is adjustable from 100 feet to 9,999 feet in 1 foot increments. 9 presets allow for quick change in the field.

•No mach delay necessary for mach+ flights: Automatic MachLock assures proper operation with any flight.

•Brownout protection will tolerate a 2-second power loss in flight – no need for multiple batteries.

•Precision sensor & 24 bit ADC yield superb 0.1% accuracy.

•Built-in voltmeter reports battery voltage on powerup – no more guessing about battery condition.

•Post flight locator siren aids in locating your rocket.

•Confusion-free individual terminal blocks – unreliable multiple wires per terminal are not necessary.

•Dedicated switch terminal block eliminates the need for splicing switch into battery wire.

•Highly resistant to false trigger from wind gusts; tested in 100+ MPH winds!

•Selectable apogee delay for dual altimeter setups prevents overpressure from simultaneous charge firing.

•Low power design runs for weeks on a standard 9V alkaline battery. Post-flight locator siren will run for months, giving you multiple “second chances” to find a lost rocket.

•Telemetry output for real-time data in flight with your RF link.

•Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure uncompromising reliability.

•Backed by full three year warranty.


Power: 4V – 16V, nominal 9V battery

Current consumption: 1.5 ma

Output current: Do not exceed 5 amperes (actual current is battery dependent)

Output “on” time: 1.0 second

Launch detect: 160' to 300' AGL, default 160'

Main deploy altitude: 100' AGL to 9,999' AGL

Maximum altitude: 100,000' MSL

Altitude resolution:

1' up to 38,000' MSL

< 2' to 52,000' MSL

< 5' to 72,000' MSL

Analog-Digital Convert: 24 bit Sigma Delta

Calibration accuracy: +/- 0.05% typical

Measurement precision: +/- (0.1% reading + 1 foot) typical

Flight data logged: Altitude, temperature, battery voltage

Number flights stored: 16

Recording time/flight: Over 18 minutes

Sample rate: 20 samples per second

Operational temp.: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)

Dimensions: 2.0"L x 0.84"W x 0.5"H

Weight: 0.38 oz.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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