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Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell 10 Car and Experiment Kit 620318

With the exciting Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell 10 Car and Experiment Kit, you can build a model car that runs on batteries, or on sunlight, or on a hydrogen fuel cell! A fuel cell is an energy production device that holds great promise for the future. Fuel cells such as the one included in the kit, when used with a solar panel, do not consume fossil fuels and do not produce greenhouse gases, smog or engine noise so they are considered friendly to the environment.

This car kit uses a unique reversible fuel cell that, using sunlight, splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in a process called electrolysis. Having separated the gases, they are recombined in the reverse process to produce electricity and pure water as the by-product. An electrical motor uses the electricity produced by the fuel cell to propel the car forward.

You may set the car on the included display stand to keep it in place for demonstrations and experiments. A battery pack and a solar panel are also included to provide alternate sources of energy. Measure energy production and consumption with the included digital multi-meter. Which energy source is more efficient, solar panel or fuel cell? Which one is more reliable? Which one is better for the environment?

The full-color, 64-page experiment manual offers step-by-step assembly instruction.

Recommended for ages 10+.

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