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SpaceCAD v5 Rocket Design Software Update (for Download)

This is the update to the individual license of SpaceCAD Rocket Design Software! It will update SpaceCAD v3 or v4 to the new SpaceCAD v5.

SpaceCAD is the market-leading model rocket software that helps you to build the model rockets you desire. Choose your own nose cone, your own airframe characteristics, your own fins and engines - instead of relying on off-the-shelf kits!

You know, all rocketry hobbyists go through a surprisingly similar maturation process. We first purchase simple, commercially available kits. Then, as our skills develop, we progress to more challenging kits. Most of us will then find a niche that appeals to our inner self, like high-power rockets, scale modeling or the creation of original sport designs.

However, regardless of the rocketry niche chosen, we all need to build safe, stable rockets and we need to know their performance limitations. That is where a design and simulation software like SpaceCAD comes into play. By creating a virtual model of your rocket design, SpaceCAD is able to closely estimate the physical characteristics of the actual model, like its mass, center of pressure and center of gravity. Moreover, you’ll know if the model is stable before you actually launch it, based on information gleaned from the engines in its large database. You’ll also know the altitude, vertical velocity and acceleration attained at every point in time during the flight.

One of the more useful benefits of SpaceCAD is its ability to save you money. By allowing you to examine your rocket in a virtual manner, you can filter out any designs that do not work, before you actually send a penny building them! That is, investing in SpaceCAD is money well spent, as it will easily pay for itself many times over with the money and time saved by not building faulty designs! By the way, SpaceCAD save you money now and in the future. This is because minor updates (e.g., 5.0 => 5.1) are completely FREE!!

So how does one go about designing a virtual model of a rocket in SpaceCAD? Well, SpaceCAD actually guides you in the process, so you don't feel lost from the start. You start with the nosecone and go on from there!


SpaceCAD has everything you'll need to build a complete model rocket:

- Nose cone

- Body tube

- Fins

- Transitions

- Weights

- Inner tubes

- Centering rings and Bulkheads

See the details of your model rocket with the 2D rocket view with ability to "zoom in" the design.


- Zoom in your rocket

- View rocket from all angles

- Change the color of rocket parts

- Make walls translucent (allows you to see the inside of your model rocket)

- Export the image as a Windows Bitmap file or as a JPEG file


- Load engines in your rocket. You may add new engines to the database as they become available

- Graphical display shows how high your model will go, at what speed and acceleration!

- Simulate performance of different recovery systems and obtain total time of flight prediction

- For multi-stage rockets, launch you model as a single-stage or multi-stage vehicle

--- Change the delay between the engines and see how it affects your model rocket's flight

--- See exactly how your second stage ignites, control when the first stage is jettisonned!

SpaceCAD allows you to enter launch site details like air pressure, altitude above MSL, humidity to realistically model the air density. Entering your local launch data results in a more accurate flight prediction, because the air density has an impact on your rocket's flight. Basically, this allows you to simulate how the rocket flies at different launch sites - for example, if you're in Florida you can better prepare for the different conditions in Virginia.


So let’s say you’ve constructed a virtual model with SpaceCAD. How do you transform it into an actual model? Easy! A couple of quick clicks and SpaceCAD will generate a Data Sheet and Parts List that you can take to your vendor for purchasing. It will also generate schematic drawings, in case you need custom-made parts.

SpaceCAD's sophisticated printing suite allows printing of:

- Nose cone pattern

- Transition cutout guide

- Centering guide

- Fin position, alignment and cutout guide

- Parachute pattern guide

- Comprehensive rocket data sheet

- Complete parts list

With its intuitive graphical interface, SpaceCAD is the easiest-to-use rocket design and simulation software on Earth! It will allow you to build your dream rocket safely, quickly and painlessly. I personally recommend it!

Minimum System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® (XP, Vista, 7) - SpaceCAD is certified by Microsoft to work with Windows 7.

- Pentium processor (or better)

- 64 MB RAM

- 15 MB hard disk space

- 800x600 or larger screen resolution

- OpenGL compliant video driver

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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