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In the late 1960, Aerojet proposed to develop a new family of solid-fueled sounding rockets, the Astrobee D, E and F (so named because they were designed to probe into the D-, E- and F-regions of the ionosphere, respectively). The Astrobee D was developed first, while the E was not built at all in the end.

The Astrobee D was a small single-stage vehicle powered by a dual-thrust (boost/sustain) rocket motor developed by Aerojet. With a typical payload of 15 kg (33 lb), it could reach an altitude of about 100 km (60 miles). The highest recorded apogee of the model was 129 km (80 miles). The first Astrobee D was launched on 8 June 1970, and a total of 42 examples were fired until February 1980. About half of these launches were conducted by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory, which flew meteorology, aeronomy and plasma physics missions with the Astobee D until December 1975. (Source: Directory of US Military Rockets and Missiles)

AeroTech's flagship model, the Astrobee-D is nearly 6 feet (!!) of a scale modeler's dream come true. Laid out on a 1:2.32 scale, it is almost half the size of the actual sounding rocket. However, this long and slim beauty is built on a BT-80 sized airframe, so it may be flown on a large variety of F- and G-class motors.

The Astrobee-D enjoys all of AeroTech's signature construction techniques, for easy building and rock-solid results. It is also fully detailed, down to the rivets, antennae and markings!

Skill level: 4


Length: 68 in.

Diameter: 2.6 in.

Weight: 28 oz.

Recovery: Dual Nylon parachutes

Recommended Engines:

F40-4W, F50-4T, F52-5T, G38-4FJ, G40-4W, G64-4W, G71-4R, G77-4R, G79-4W, G80-4T

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