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Are you looking for an easy-to-build model rocket for that drag race at the club next weekend? Then look no further! Like its animal namesake, this rocket is muscular, light on its feet (that is, fins) and blindingly fast! The Cheetah is also AeroTech’s altitude champ, soaring to over 3000 feet on “G” power.

For high, arrow-straight flights, your fins must be airfoiled and cannot be crooked. Aerotech has taken the difficulty out of this building problem with their molded fins and patented Fin-Lok(tm) system. Now, building perfect fins is a snap! The Labyrinth(tm)no-wadding ejection system deals with heat management and the nylon parachute bring this cat back home flight after flight.

Almost a minimum diameter bird, the Aerotech Cheetah flies on 24mm and 29mm motors, for a wide spectrum of total impulse and thrust choices. It requires an 1/4" diameter launch rod (sold separately). Assembly requires cyanoacrilate (CA) glue (sold separately).

Skill level: 3


Length: 32 in.

Diameter: 1.9 in.

Weight : 10 oz.

Recommended Motors:

D15-4T, E15-7W, E16-7W, E18-7W, E23-8T, E28-7T, E30-7T, F12-5J, F20-7W, F22-7J, F24-7W, F25-9W, F39-9T, F40-10W, F50-9T, F52-8T, G33-7J, G35-7W, G40-10W, G64-10W, G80-10T

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