Click to enlargeQCR 13mm Piston Tower Launcher

Launch lugs provide guidance for model rockets until the fins can take over. They also create unwanted drag forces. Tower launchers allow you to launch your rockets without launch lugs. Initial guidance is provided by the vertical rails that surround the body tube.

Normally, there is a small delay between the time the engine ignites to the time upwards motion is detected in the rocket. This occurs because the engine's combustion chamber needs to be pressurized sufficiently to generate the thrust needed to get the rocket moving. Piston-type launchers capture the gases expelled from your rocket engine immediately after ignition to start moving your rocket upwards. These gases would otherwise be dispersed into the atmosphere, delaying the onset of upward motion.

QCR's piston-enhanced tower launcher combines the thrust efficiency of the piston launcher with the drag reduction made possible by the tower launcher. This clever gizmo may increase your rocket's performance by 25% or more!

QCR's piston-enhanced tower launcher is perfect when paired with Heavenly Hobbies' Stratos-13 ELM rocket. Try them in your next competition!

Skill Level: 3

Heavenly Hobbies Stratos-13 ELM
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