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(Discontinued-M) Estes Eagle Rocket Boosted Glider 2186

Get twice the excitement for the price of one! The easy-to-build Estes Eagle Rocket Boosted Glider launches towards the sky like a rocket and glides back to earth like a plane!

Boost Gliders (BGs) are a combination of a rocket and a glider. On the way up, there is a booster rocket that actually hauls up the glider structure. This booster rocket separates from the glider at ejection and returns to Earth using a streamer or parachute to slow its descent. At ejection, the glider begins its majestic return back to earth using aerodynamic lifting forces to make it slowly glide down. This mid-flight separation is the main characteristic that distinguishes the boost gliders from the rocket gliders (RGs).

A boost glider for both the novice and expert rocketeer, the Estes Eagle is ready for your next BG competition.

Skill Level: 2


Length: 24.8 in.

Diameter: 0.74 in.

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Recovery: Glider & Streamer

Recommended Engines:

B4-2, B6-2, C6-3

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