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(Discontinued-M) Estes Mega Mosquito Model Rocket Kit 1335

Estes sure has hit a homerun with the 2-kit Mega Mosquito combo!!

First, take a stroll on memory lane (to the time when Mother Estes was still young) as you build the tiny Mosquito rocket kit. The original Mosquito is just shy of 4" in length but flies 800 ft. high on a 13mm A-class engine! This model was first marketed in the 1980's as model TK-1 (AKA #0801). It was part of the "Mini Brutes" family of 13mm models. See image of 1980 Estes catalog below:

Source: Gerry Fortin - Estes Model Rocket Kit Collecting Site

After building the original Mosquito, fast forward to 21st century and build the 4.895x upscale Mega Mosquito!

The Mega Mosquito is based on a mammoth BT-80 airframe tube and rides on 24mm D12 and E9 engines. Humm, I wonder what would happen if you stick an Aerotech E15 engine in the back... Sure sounds like FUN!!



- Skill Level 1

- Length: 3.8 in.

- Diameter: .54 in.

- Weight: .11 oz. (3.1 g)

- Recovery: Tumble Recovery

- Recommended Engines: 1/4A3-2T (First Flight), 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T, A10-3T


- Skill Level 2

- Length: 18.6 in.

- Diameter: 2.6 in.

- Weight: 5.2 oz.

- Recovery: Parachute

- Recommended Engines: D12-3 (First Flight), D12-5, E9-4, E9-6

Get the glue!
Tools and supplies.

Get the wadding!
Cellulose recovery wadding.

Get the engines!
Estes engines.

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