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Estes Pro Series II Sonic Igniters (4-Pack) 2305

The Estes Pro Series II Sonic Igniters are designed to work with Estes and Aerotech E- to G-class composite model rocket engines. The Sonic Igniters are 9" long, two-wire igniters with a slim, pyrogen-coated tip for positive ignition. Although these igniters will work with most 6v to 12v launch controllers, they are perfectly paired to the Heavenly Hobbies' Lightsword 12v launch controller.


- Resistance: 1.6 Ohms

- Minimum all-fire current: 3.8 Amperes

Get the launch pad!
TriPad Max launch pad

Get the controller!
Lightsword 12v Controller

Get the engines!
Aerotech Single-Use Engines

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