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(Discontinued-M) Edmonds Twin Thunder Model Rocket Glider Kit

Edmonds' Twin Thunder are Twinsee's big brothers. These aircraft are launched together on a single 24mm motor. They climb high above the field until the motor fires its ejection charge. The two planes then separate in an exciting split maneuver. One glides down carrying the motor, the other glides back on its own too. You'll build the entire set in less than two hours using glue only, and the only adjustment required is to add balancing clay right after the glue dries.

Rocket gliders (RG’s) are one of the most intriguing and complex classes of rockets. The general idea is for them to fly upwards like a regular rocket but to glide back down like a plane. Sounds simple, right? The catch is that this transition from rocket to glider must be done without separating the model into different components. If the rocket separates into components (e.g., booster pod and glider), it is called a “boost glider” (BG).

As a consequence of this “unity in flight” requirement for RG’s, there must be some change in the aerodynamic structure of the model that permits the transition from rocket to glider. Rob Edmonds has chosen a truly elegant way to effect this change in structure through the use of a engine's ejection charge. It is a sight to see!

A 3/16" launch rod and launch lugs are recommended (sold separately).

NB: This kit is now out-of-production (OOP) and has become a collector's item. It is in a "new-in-bag" (NIB) condition. Very limited quantities available. Get it now!!

Skill Level 3


Length: 24.0 in.

Wingspan: 12.0 in.

Recommended motors:


Step up to a 3/16" rod!
3/16" launch rod.

Get the launch pad!
HH Tri-Pad.

Power up!
Model Rocket Engines

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