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Heavenly Hobbies Brutus 2.6 Payloader Model Rocket Kit

The Heavenly Hobbies’ BRUTUS 2.6 Payloader™ is an Omega-class, deep-space hauler rocket that uses a powerful 29mm engine for thrust and a baffle-protected 24” parachute for recovery. BRUTUS 2.6 features a large payload section suitable for electronics, experiments or delivering that mysterious package to the Alpha quadrant!

The Brutus 2.6 Payloader is a BIG model rocket with a "can do" attitude. Just load up its 7" payload section and Brutus simply takes care of business. We have designed Brutus with a 29mm motor mount to make mincemeat out of those big hauling jobs. Laser-cut plywood parts and TTW fin mounts ensure an easy and solid build.

As an extraordinary bonus, Heavenly Hobbies includes a fully-functional copy of its H.H. Simit (tm) simulation software with every Brutus 2.6 kit! H.H. Simit provides simulated altitude, velocity and acceleration information for the model’s flight, using an integrative approach that samples flight conditions 10 times per second. It allows the hobbyist to easily make engine choices and payload weight adjustments and see the effects on performance.

Nobody gives you more for your money! A Heavenly Hobbies exclusive!

Skill level: 3


· Amaze(tm) proprietary baffle system. No recovery wadding is needed!

· Laser-cut plywood fins and centering rings

· Laser-slotted body tubes for TTW fin mount

· 29mm engine mount for E – G engine flexibility

· 7” payload compartment

· 24” heavy duty parachute with over-the-top shroud lines and swivel

· H.H. Simit(tm) simulation software included. No more guessing!

· Triiceps(tm) positive motor retention system


What? You like performance too? So do we!! Brutus 2.6 has been designed as a single-engine rocket because it is the most power- and cost-efficient way to push a rocket upwards. You won't go broke flying the Brutus! Check out the simulated performance results below:

Rec. Engine......................Maximum Altitude




Note: All simulations assume a payload of 2.5 ounces. A 1/4" launch rod is required (sold separately).


Length: 38.6 in.

Diameter: 2.6 in.

Weight: 8.2 oz.

Recovery: 24 in. parachute

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