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Heavenly Hobbies Stratos - 13 ELM Model Rocket Kit

When I set out to design this rocket I had two objectives in mind. Firstly, I wanted a rocket that could reach impressive heights on a low impulse motor. Secondly, I wanted to deal with the problem of protecting the recovery system from the hot ejection gases in a modern way.

Behold the ELM(tm) rocket concept! Essentially, the "Extremely Low Mass" rocket is a simple 3FNC model with a few twists. The first twist is the use of very thin (1/32") "contest-grade" balsa fins. This low-density wood (under 7 lbs/cf) was imported from Ecuador and custom cut and sanded in the USA to our specifications. The result was a flexible material that became surprisingly rigid once glued to the airframe. Since, given the thin cross-section of the fins, some flyers would see a potential durability problem, I decided to provide sufficient fin stock in each kit to cut two full sets of fins. Nevertheless, such problem did not reveal itself during Beta testing.

The EZject(tm)piston ejection system is another unique idea. Although other models use piston-based ejection, we know of no other rockets that employ this advanced deployment system in the price range of the Stratos rockets. The EZject(tm) piston ensures positive ejection, greatly reduces prep time for the rocket in the field and totally eliminates the need for recovery wadding or heat-resistant parachute protectors.

I have no doubt that the Stratos 13 ELM will be a formidable contender in your altitude competitions! Check out the simulation results below:

Recomm. Engines..............Expected Max Altitude

1/2A3-4T........................... 375'


It can also compete successfully in parachute or streamer duration contests; just adjust your streamer or parachute size accordingly.

This rocket is ready for serious competition just as much as for some fun in the nearby field. Order the Stratos now!

Skill Level: 2


Length: 10.25"

Diameter: .54"

Weight: .25 Oz. (7 g)

Recovery: Streamer

Recommended Engines: 1/2A3-4T, A3-4T

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days


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