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Heavenly Hobbies Tri-Pad Max Model Rocket Launch Pad

The Tri-Pad MAX is a new launch pad design from Heavenly Hobbies, the leader in mid-power ground support systems. Slimmer than the four-legged GIGA-PAD, the Tri-Pad MAX is a tripod design based on 3/4" Sch40 PVC tubing. Using brains rather than brawns, the Tri-Pad MAX handles vertical loads of up to 20 lbs., which translates into just about any rocket you can dream of! The MAX version of the Tri-Pad differs from the regular version in that it comes with 1/4" diameter aluminum launch rod. This rod is fully compliant with the Team America Rocketry Challenge rules.

Heavenly Hobbies wanted the Tri-Pad MAX to be compact, yet able to handle the big birds. As a result of this challenge, the Anchor™ system of flexion control was born. This system ties all the legs in the pad to a strong (but lightweight) steel chain, thereby limiting their movement. As a consequence, the load capacity of the pad is increased substantially, with little increase in weight.

The Tri-Pad MAX is at home in calm as well as windy conditions, with small or large rockets. There is no need for stakes, tools or other clumsy paraphernalia. This is the magic of the Gravitron™ stabilization system. The Gravitron™ system harnesses the inertial mass of lab-quality, hyper-dense materials, redirecting it towards the goal of keeping the pad firmly planted on the ground. Having no moving parts, the system enjoys unsurpassed reliability in the field. The Gravitron™ system is included with all Tri-Pads, at no extra cost.

The result is a simple, easy-to-transport pad that assembles in the field without tools in less than a minute, is rated for loads of up to 20 lbs and costs about 20% less that its beefier big brother. The Tri-Pad MAX will readily accept the popular WindBeater™ adjustable head for total wind compensation and launch rod size flexibility (sold separately).

Nobody gives you more bang for your buck than Heavenly Hobbies!


· Sch40 PVC, steel and aluminum construction for durability

· Compact tripod design with 18" radial footprint

· Anchor™ Flexion Control System

· 1/4" x 72" aluminum launch rod included

· Gravitron™ stabilization system

· Heavy-gauge steel blast deflector

· Replacement parts available

· Designed and made in America

· Optional WindBeater™ accessory adds total wind compensation and allows for launch rods 1/8" to 3/8” in diameter.

Conquer the wind!
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