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Heavenly Hobbies LightSword II™ 12v Model Rocket Launch Controller

The Heavenly Hobbies’ LightSword II™ is a improved version of the LightSword™ 12v launch controller. We re-thought the design from the bottom up and listened to user feedback. As a result, operational robustness was improved tremendously while keeping the electrical efficiency of the original LightSword™. And at a lower price to boot!!

The LightSword II™ is a 12v controller for launching model rockets with black powder and composite engines. It was designed in the USA, in collaboration with major model rocket engine manufacturers, to provide the utmost in safety, reliability and convenience! Check out its industry-leading features:


· 40 ft. long leads put serious distance between you and that big rocket. Put your mother at ease!

· Safety interlock key with lanyard. Keep it with you for maximum protection. No key, no launch.

· High-intensity green LED signals continuity. Green means go!

· White controller box and wiring stand out in the field, sharply reducing trips and falls.


· Soldered internal and alligator clip connections

· 17 AWG copper wiring throughout for 21% less electrical resistance than standard 18 AWG.

· LED continuity indicator reduces battery drain


· Leads connect to controller box via single RCA-type connector for easy set-up and take-down

· 10-ft power cord hooks up to 12v car, motorcycle or tractor battery

· Works with black powder and composite engines

· Dirt cheap price!

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