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The BACKDRAFT Accessory Kit contains all the critical things you need to launch the BACKDRAFT rocket kit safely and reliably. It includes a digital stopwatch, 9 ft of safety (visco) fuse, 3 long-lead igniters, an extra-long lead extension kit (clip whip), and high-temperature epoxy. See details below.

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- Stopwatch: ULTRAK 310 digital stopwatch with simple Start / Stop / Reset function. No need to fumble in the field with a set of complicated functions.

- Safety Fuse: 9ft of UN0105 safety (visco) fuse. Water-resistant. 3mm diameter. Burn speed 0.57 in / sec.

- Igniters: Aerotech FirstFireJr. with 8 leads (3-pack). Bench-tested for compatibility with safety fuse. Unsurpassed reliability!

- Lead Extension: 2-conductor 18 AWG stranded copper zipcord (30 long ) with insulated alligator clips.

- Epoxy: J-B Weld 2-part epoxy. 30 minutes working time. Cures in 15-24 hrs. Heat resistant to 500.

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